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What to Know About Cracked Tooth Syndrome

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Cracked tooth syndrome is when there are cracks in your teeth that are concealed under the gums or are so small they do not show up on X-ray. Persons who clench or grind their teeth are more inclined to have this problem, as are those with an excess of dental work or genetically weak teeth.

The molars are the teeth most inclined to cracked tooth syndrome because they are the ones that are tasked with grinding–taking on the lion’s share of the force when breaking down food.

It is hard to diagnose because you may not show symptoms for months and the pain is not consistent either in sharpness or duration. It is quite similar to having sensitive teeth where the enamel has worn thin. Your teeth may hurt when exposed to temperature or sweets, or when you bit down in a particular way. There will not be a consistent ache as you might feel with a cavity, and you may or may not develop an infection.

Treatment for cracked tooth syndrome relies upon the extent of the crack and where it is located. In some cases, it can be corrected with simply a crown, around 20% of patients may require a root canal, and the worst case may need extraction and replacement with a bridge or implant.

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