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At Keystone Dental Group, we use the BIOLASE EPIC™ laser to provide treatments for cold and canker sores. Using the state-of-the-art device, our dentist can provide comfortable, effective treatments to clear away your cold and canker sores. Call us today at 317-222-4102 to learn more about EPIC laser cold and canker sore treatments in Indianapolis, Indiana, and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Fahad Javed.

Cold sores are caused by the reactivation of a virus known as HSV-1. It typically begins as a cluster of small blisters, which then ruptures to form mall ulcers extending to skin around the mouth. Cold sores are often preceded by itching, burning, or tingling sensations. Cold sores can return on a regular basis, and may be triggered by exposure to sunlight, local trauma, stress, or a decreased immune system.

Canker sores are an autoimmune response which damages the skin inside your mouth. The sore usually appears with a white or yellow center and a red border, and is visible on the side of the lips or cheeks, underneath the tongue, and at the back of the throat. Canker sores are often a result of physical or emotional stress, and return in multiple areas.

Our dentist uses the BIOLASE EPIC™ laser to heat the cold and canker sores, killing the virus and stimulating the healing factors within your body. Because it kills the nerve endings, this treatment is both quick and painless. You will experience immediately pain relief during your procedure, and both the frequency and the intensity of your sores should decrease following treatment.

We recommend that you receive a laser cold or canker sore treatment when the sore is in the earliest stages of development, as treatment will be more predictable and more effective. If treated in the early stages, you may not even develop a lesion.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about BIOLASE EPIC™ laser treatment and to schedule your appointment with our dentist.