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The Keys to a Great Smile with Bruxism Treatments

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To keep your smile running strong, it is important to make sure to always look out for indications that bruxism may be occurring. Bruxism occurs when you suffer from grinding or clenching of your teeth unconsciously. This can also happen while you’re asleep. In order to effectively treat bruxism, it is important to understand the processes involved in its manifestation.

If you’re suffering from bruxism, you will need to make sure you visit your dentist for the appropriate treatments and restorations. However, it is often hard to detect if you are suffering from the disease. Look at your teeth and gums to determine if any damage has occurred. If your teeth are flat or worn down, or if you ever experienced jaw or facial pain or increased tooth sensitivity when you wake up, bruxism maybe the blame. Furthermore, tired or painful muscles issues associated with earaches and headaches, and cheek tissue damage can be signs of bruxism. Also, inspect your tongue to determine if any indentations are present.

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