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Pregnancy and Oral Health

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Pregnancy is a wondrous experience, but it’s not without its struggles. Because we are concerned about your health and the care of your baby, we’ve put together this information on the effects of pregnancy on the mouth. We hope this post helps boost your education and gives you the knowledge you need to fight the ill effects pregnancy can have on the wellbeing of your mouth and subsequently the wellbeing of your child.

One of the common effects of pregnancy (as most women will attest) is hormonal changes. Hormonal changes in expectant women can lead to pregnancy gingivitis, a swelling of the gums that leaves them swollen and tender. Pregnancy gingivitis is a grave illness in its own right, but when it’s left unattended, it can lead to extra advanced forms of tooth decay. Additionally, women are also more susceptible to tooth decay during pregnancy since they are eating more food, giving acids more chances to create tooth decay. With good daily dental hygiene habits and frequent inspections with the Keystone Dental Group staff, you will be able to keep your mouth healthy during your pregnancy.

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