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Do You Know What Bruxism Looks and Feels Like?

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Do you know what bruxism looks and feels like? Do you think you may have bruxism but are unsure exactly what to look for? For those who may not know, bruxism is a somewhat common disorder often caused while we sleep. It results in the grinding, gnashing, and chewing of our teeth, often to the detriment of our tooth enamel, gums, and our smile. Because it happens without us being aware of it, it may be difficult to diagnose.

Although it may be difficult to know when it is occurring, there are plenty of signs left over after it has completed. This includes visible damage to the insides of your mouth. Look for any signs of cheek tissue damage to your inner gums, indentations in your tongue, dull or worn teeth, and a heightened tooth sensitivity. Other symptoms include jaw pain when you wake up, a feeling of lockjaw due to your mouth failing to fully open and close, various pain in and around your mouth, as well as headaches and earaches.

Bruxism can be treated with mouth guards and bite plates. To schedule your oral exam at Keystone Dental Group with Dr. Fahad Javed and our team at our dentist office in Indianapolis, Indiana, simply give us a call at 317-222-4102. We look forward to hearing from you.