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A Minor Case of Dental Attrition Might Be Treated by a Dental Filling

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Tooth enamel can sometimes be affected by misalignment issues between two or more of your teeth. This can be a gradual process where one tooth wears excessively on the lingual or facial surface of another. As time goes on it can cause a gradual loss of once strong and healthy dental structures.

If you notice an abnormal texture developing on one of your teeth, you should have it examined by a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Fahad Javed.

Sometimes he can treat a minor case of dental attrition by installing a dental filling. This treatment can typically be performed in a simple outpatient appointment.

After gently numbing the tooth Dr. Fahad Javed may need to remove a small amount of additional tooth enamel from the area. This will provide the necessary surface texture to bond the dental filling material. The specific material that he uses for the dental filling will depend on the affected surface as well as the appearance of the treated area.

A composite dental filling is often a good option for treating an area of dental attrition that will appear when you smile. They are made from a dental grade resin material that can be shaded to match the color and tone of the surrounding tooth enamel.

After applying the dental filling material he will use a special ultraviolet light to harden it and secure the dental filling to the surrounding tooth enamel.

If you live in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area and you have noticed an aberration with one of your teeth, you should call 317-222-4102 to have it treated and repaired at Keystone Dental Group.